Shiny wallpapers

Put on your sunglasses for this brilliant design trend!

Everywhere you look metal surfaces a a hot trend in this season. From the warm gold, brass and copper there are many more shiny wallpapers bringing metallic inspirations thoughout your rooms.

If you wish an eye-catching accent at your walls with light reflections and luxury feeling you need these beautiful metal surfaces and decors. It adds a dramatic flair to your interiors and lighting fixtures such as chandeliers are showing off their golden hues.

Gold-leafs painted decors bring creative accents make a statement. The glamorous shiny wallcoverings pairing them with raw, natural materials such as marble and wood create an urban and stylish appearance.

But glowing metallic wallpapers also add warmth and sheen to a room. You can also mix and match with different looks and surfaces. If you are interested in grey shades you can find a lot of designs of marble wallpapers, which suit to many interior styles. I am particurlarly exicited about the possibilities and welcome the opportunity to share and explore interior ideas which we saw at the exhibitions. Please derive inspiration towards the pictures and feel a little the world of glamour and technical surfaces.


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