Pantone Trend Colour Report 2016




The main colour of the year 2016, ROSE QUARTZ, with its soft, gentle pink essence is a colour of love. It carries a feminine energy of comfort and tenderness. It stimulates the imagination of art and the world of fairy tales. ROSE QUARTZ carries a high spiritual attunement to the universe and his translucent character symbolizes freshness and lightness. As a stone of love ROSE QUARTZ is stimulating and sensual.


This pastel colour matches to his blue brother SERENITY, which also offers freshness. The combinition of light rose with this shade of baby blue illustrates the perfect colouring of tableclothes, ceramics and glasses.

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The colour duo appeared in balance with additional bloom colours like DAHLIA, LUPINE, and LUMINARY GREEN or ARCTIC.

This spring pastel trends have a great effect on the sphere you create with glamour and modernity. The german exhibitions IMM, PREMIUM, PANORAMA, AMBIENTE and LIGHT & BUILDING showed this colour world in their collections of fashion, interior and lighting.

Pantone 12-0525 called LUMINARY GREEN is the colour of balance  and growth. The magic of luminous power and brilliance causes happiness and juvenility. It matches with all shades of grey and black just as with wood, metal and other pastels.

LUPINE Pantone 16-3521 remembers at the colours of the eighties, „Miami Vice“, soft ice colours, at lavender fields of the provence – it is a colour of  summer, nature and light. It also symbolizes decadence, fantasy and peace.

BLOOMING DAHLIA with Pantone 17-4911 is an energetic, delightful colour full of power. It containes all of the power of summer  and life. This warm colour of passionate love  is yellow-based and will soften your mood. BLOOMING DAHLIA has the natural virtue of roses, dahlias and japanese camellias.

The last colour I want to presentate is ARTIC with pantone 17-4911. This natural shade between green and blue completes the summer pastels palette and creates calmness and neutrality. Please look at following samples of collections with successful compositions of pastels. How do you like this world?

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Trendresearch by René Horstmann



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